We provide services that help our clients successfully implement Customer-Centric business models.

We provide services that help our clients successfully implement Customer-Centric business models.

Engagement Optimisation

Today's abundance of customer data is a priceless resource that marketers can harness to detect patterns, make new associations and acquire a deeper understanding of customers as individuals to enable new methods of personalised engagement.
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Customer Behavioural Segmentation Analysis
Improve your customer management by tracking and segmenting customers in terms of behaviour and customer needs.
Feedback Process Management
Provide quick and effective customer response via digital channels.
Gamification for improved customer engagement
Implement gamification processes that reward your customers for their engagement.
Employee Engagement
Drive customer-centric behaviour by connecting customer responsiveness to incentives.
Organisation Design
Removes "siloed" business units that inhibit customer-centricity and sustain structural resistance to process change.
Gamification of Employee Training
Increase employee engagement and participation in training and development programmes.

Bid Development & Capture

Customers buy benefits not features. Most failed business tenders do so because they fail to convince the decision maker that the bidder has an offering that is uniquely able to meet their needs.
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Prospect Engagement
Move your customer understanding from perceptions to evidenced analysis of customer needs.
Competitive Differentiation Analysis
Uncover customer perceptions about competitive differentiation and model your competitors’ intent.
Procurement Response
Refine the strategy and style of procurement responses to address customer needs and avoid least cost bidding.
Pricing Strategy
Understand and predict how to use your pricing strategy as a proactive weapon within your procurement tender

Gaming & Lottery Strategy

Advances in technology and communication, combined with an explosive growth in data and information, have created more empowered consumers who expect to interact with brands and one another in ways unimagined only ten years ago.
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Development Roadmap Reviews
Establish a development roadmap for your business that provides the flexibility to adapt to this changed consumer space
Player Engagement
Drive player engagement to increase adoption of your products and services.
Game and Portfolio Planning
Define and implement a games portfolio that responsibly maximises player yield by extending up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
Interactive Channel Growth
Implement the customer relationship processes that will acquire and retain players to your digital channels.
Regulatory development
Provide regulators with objective evidence to support the value of approving and implementing new games and channels.